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About Us

Our History

Lynch Asset Management, Inc. (“LAM”) is an SEC registered investment advisory firm. The firm was founded in 2001 in response to the growing need for professional investment services following the corporate fraud scandals that emerged earlier in the decade. The company is dedicated to providing a disciplined approach to portfolio management based on solid, fundamental research with a long-term view toward asset management. The firm is committed to the highest level of integrity and excellence while focusing on individual client needs.

Lynch Asset Management, Inc. was founded by Mark R. Lynch, CFA, who has 40+ years of investment experience as a security analyst and portfolio manager. Mr. Lynch is responsible for all investment strategy, security analysis, and portfolio management decisions for Lynch Asset Management.

Our Principles

We provide advisory and consulting services. Clients seek our counsel on a broad spectrum of investment advisory services, including general wealth management, IRA rollover accounts, and corporate accounts. Our focus is on managing your investment assets in an unbiased, professional way, while catering to your unique needs and circumstances. We will help you develop and execute a plan designed to build and preserve your wealth.